Saturday, January 29, 2005

Don't count the years , count the memories

When festive season arrive, you will normally think of your love one. I will not be celebrating this Chinese New Year as my dad passed away 3 months ago. Chinese tradition says that there should be no celebration for a year. My family now consists of only my sister, my wife and myself. My mum passed away since I am 21 years old due to tongue cancer. I myself was diagnosed as having kidney cancer in Aug last year, now I am left only with my right kidney.

I normally shop at Jusco xxxx. I will always walk the same way every time I am there. When I walked pass the counter that is selling Polo T-shirts, it reminds me of my dad. I always buy him some polo t-shirts for Chinese New Year. I used to call him “So Fun” as he is a happy go lucky guy. In Chinese there is a saying “Treat it as blanket if the sky drop”, that’s how my dad always look at things, no matter what happened he will look at it in a simple manner. He seldom get angry, in fact I do not remember the last time he is angry. I guess me and my sister are the hot headed one.

I guess it’s hard sometimes to let go. I remember when my mom passes away it takes a while for me and my sister to move on. Now I am 16 years older, the pain and the feelings of trying to let go still remains the same. The only difference is that when my mom passed away I felt relief and happy for her initially as she was having quite a “painful” few months before she pass away and then follows by emptiness and sorrow. My dad “departure” was a shock to us, it happens just within a day.

Every one of us will have to go sooner or later; this life is just mid way to another life. I am not sure when it’s my turn and how but I hope that I will go the same way as my dad, fast and easy. In one of my previous post, there is a good wording, “Don’t count the years, count the memories”. I will always remember the good ones, so long "So Fun", thanks for the memory.

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