Friday, January 28, 2005

Lup Ngap and Lup Cheong

When coming to Chinese New year, there is a lot dish that is special. One of the dish, which is quite different is steam “wax duck” or in Cantonese we called “Lup Ngap”. I remember my mum (passed away since I am 21) loves it. She used to steam it. I could not really remember the exact taste as since my mum no longer around I have not touched or eaten it. What I do remember it’s the plasticky and oily feeling. It seems only in china that this is produce as it needs the winter wind to dry it and its only sale once a year somewhere before Chinese New Year.

Another interesting dish or raw material that we also use is sausage or I should call it Chinese sausage. In Cantonese we called “Lup Cheong”. It is similar shape to sausage but its redder. We normally use it to fried rice, it’s the unique taste that gives it the special ommph or I should said the oil that squeeze it way out from the sausage that gives it the special taste. This reminds me of the Yeung Chow fried rice back in Eaton in Jakarta.

You could click on to this link at the star paper that shows a picture of the wax duck and also the sausage at the background.

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