Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Equinox is to blame

The weather is relatively very hot this few days. I thought it could be due to something called Equinox but it seems it might not be as reported by Star Paper. I have heard that there is a study done recently that has concluded that during hot season, a person tends to grow impatient faster. There are even suggestions that during hot season more murders are reported. The normal mundane conversation that you usually have will possibly cause a big argument.

I personally think ya it could cause some hair pulling, unnecessary tongue lashing, change the usually reasonable boss to a demanding one, bad mouthing, famous Austin 3:16 hand sign showing but to the extent of killing someone and blame the weather, well I guess that it’s too far fetched. This was actually brought up as there are a lot of publicities on road bullies recently. In most instances it resulted in death.

I believe the weather could actually change the mood of someone. Take a look at babies, if it’s hot, you could see that a baby tends to ask for more attention. Nowadays a lot of parents actually bring along their young baby to the shopping complex. I have seen baby that is barely few months old cuddling in the mother arms. I guess by walking in a cold environment, the baby will be calmer.

I am not sure what triggers the road bully to hit or kill another motorist but I personally do not think it’s the weather. The car has air-conditioned and it’s up to the driver to adjust it according to their likings. I personally think it’s the accumulation of what’s going on in their lives and mind at that moment. In the mean time I just blame it on the weather for my reluctance to do something about my boring working lives, hahaha.

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