Sunday, March 13, 2005

Child sponsorship programme from World Vision

I have sponsor a child by the name of Songwut Saigaew via the world vision program of child sponsorship. He is a 12 year boy from Thailand. I just received a letter from him, Those who is interested in sponsoring a child do visit .

You can choose to sponsor children from country like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mymar, Cambodia and etc. It costs Rm50 per month which comes out to Rm 600 per year. This amount can be pay via credit card on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. World vision is found around the world. Look at the left hand corner of the Malaysian web site which linked to the international world vision site. In the meantime I will reply Saigaew letter in English and request my wife to translate. In normal circumstances World Vision will translate for the sponsor.

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