Saturday, March 12, 2005

Gender Equality

Women day has just passed. Last week, the local radio station has been talking about the changed in our society view on women. There are a lot of discussions on roles that women play, mother to our child, lover, corporate leader, world leader, housewife and etc. In the past the belief is that women are always the weaker sex that belongs only in the kitchen. The person behind the successful man, who gives strength, supports and contributes ideas. That person has moved from the back to the front now and request to have same the treatment.

It’s the society ready for the changed? Frequently you heard comments like she must have slept with who and who hence she progress up the corporate ladder fast. She must be someone mistress, kept woman if not she will not be driving the latest Mercedes S series. You will be surprise that most of the times you heard comment such as this by a woman on another woman. Does a woman accept a man as a boyfriend or husband if he earns less, has lower academic qualification, less IQ and etc? What will be the society view if the husband is the one that stays back and look after the children, doing housework?

In the olden days you always heard that infidelity is a man game, now this honors is equally shared among both genders. As the weaker sex turns stronger and more powerful, instead of being the hunted, it has now become the hunter. They also drinks, smoke, love of speed, danger, the first one to declare their love, propose marriage, become prime minister, president, went to war and etc. The men have experience and enjoy all this and now it’s the women turn. After years on the top of the gender race, the men are relinquishing the post, slowing down and enjoy the view instead. After so many years I guess we have become more understanding, we have taste the sweetness and the bitterness of being on the top. I think of it as one long big scale from 1 to 100 percent, shares among the 2 genders. If one of the genders is not doing the housework, bringing up and caring the children, cooking and etc, the other will take over. It will be forever 100 and shared among both of the gender but the percentage will shift accordingly. There is a saying there is always someone doing the dirty job. It’s just a matter of who.

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