Monday, March 28, 2005

Volvo Used Car Fair

Yesteday my wife is not around, she is still in Thailand as there is a book fair at Queen Sirikit. I just heard from her that she has bought 30 books. I do notice that majority of thais love to read books. So this weekend I am a MBA (married but available). After eating my Soo Kee (Self cooked) Fried Mee Hon with Chicken and egg, I went to the Swedish Marques Sungai Besi Branch as there is a Volvo Used Car Fair, it is organize by Premier Auto House.

I am in the “look see” stage for a new or good quality used car. So when I was there I skipped the S40, V70, S70 and the 940 and headed straight to the S60 and S80 area. All the S80 looks a bit old; the interior is quite bad and most is around 5 years old. The S60 looks more new, its interior looks clean and presentable. The price is reasonable and it’s around 4 years old. The only thing that stops me from tying myself for the next 7 years with a car loan is the color, its gold.

Well I am not fan of Gold Finger, hence I just admire the next car beside it which is a one year old S60 T5. It fits the characteristic of a good quality used car but the price is not what I have budgeted for. So after a few extra glances at it I decided to just wait for tonight toto or lottery draw, who knows I might strike and become a millionaire instead of a million-hair man.


leecs said...

hmmmm my S40 no sale ah?

S60T5 is fastttttttt..... but expensive like u said...S60R even faster!!! kekekeke

Xc70 also a good car, wagon with 4*4 capabilities....

SooHK said...

S40 got sales but its the old model. I do not think you like the old model. I have sit at the back of the S40 old model. Its not so comfortable. The leg space is not so good.

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