Friday, March 18, 2005

Annsyc, who is this person?

Net has given us the capability to get in touch with friends, colleague and families. Blog, is a way to provides an opportunity to updates them on “What’s up or going on” in your life.

I know a colleague for more than 5 years; we have worked together before on a project for one of the local banks. Recently she passes me her yahoo photo web site. She is known as Annsyc, for those colleagues of mine who likes to find out, who is she?, click to do so. I have also added it in my link under “BlogRoll / Photo”.

I wish to create a list of links of all my friends, colleagues and families who has photos posted on the net, blogs, homepage and etc. on my blog. This allows me to view and find out “What’s up or going on” in their life. So drop me a comment or what I called brain fart if you have any.

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