Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Haze is back again

The haze is back again in KL. I am also having a high fever as of yesterday. Its 38.0 cc, I am actually on Medical Leave today. I hope this time around the fever will not last long. I was caught in the rain on Monday. It could be the rain that is causing my fever or it could be the haze again. I took this photo using my nokia 6600 in my car yesterday at 6 pm. You could see that the maybank building and KL tower is barely visible.

According to STAR paper, it is caused by peat fires. This time around the visibility is worst then last time, hence I am not very sure if what is reported is totally the truth but if not where is the haze from? I am not sure why KL is always having this problem. If I did not enter any entries in my blog for the next few days, it means my fever is still running. In the mean time I will boiled some barley and get some vitamins and hopefully my fever will goes away, hahaha.


richwhiteboy said...

Dear Mr.Sookh,

My name is Gary. I am in Texas, in USA!

I think you have the best blog of all the blogs I've seen so far across all the internet.

I mean it! You are so very talented! I want to read more of your writings. Please don't stop.

I am going to put your website on my "bookmarks" and check back every day to see what you have written!

Thank you for allowing me this comment.

Yours, Gary

richwhiteboy said...

Oh! Mr. Sookh, I forgot to tell you I hope your fever went away. I hope you feel much better now.

If you ever want to write to me you may!

I'm at

Good luck! Best wishes!

SooHK said...

Thanks for your comment, gary and concern. Yeap I am still having fever but I feeling slightly better than yesterday.

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