Monday, March 21, 2005

UFO anyone?

I remember the old days when I am still an eagle eyed teenager there were always talk and reports of sightings of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). What makes us attract to such stories, is it the mystery? The unexplained? The curiosity? I could still remember a newspaper report of one such incidence that happened around that time, somewhere in end 1970’s or early 1980’s. The image still resides at the back of my head until these days. It was on the front page of a local newspaper. It shows 3 flying objects near the vicinity of Dewan Bahasa.

My cousin’s house was just opposite the area. I used to be at my cousin house quite often as I was being tutored by my cousin then. I remember on that day, I was being punished for not doing my homework. As I was standing on a chair (hahaha), I remember I was looking out at the window and I still remember the sky was quite orangey, as it was at the point of time whereby the sun is quietly setting down on the horizon. The struggling and the outstretching of its lights against the invisible arm of the horizon that is trying to swallow it, has created the orangey effect. No, I did not see the UFO as it was reported to happen at around 10:00 Pm plus, hahaha. But I guess the sky was preparing itself for the arrival of this 3 UFO with the display of hues that was so beautiful.

After that there are repeated reports and sightings of UFO around KL and Malaysia. Even my school was not spared. There are reports of green creatures roaming around the woods near my school compound. I was told that this creature was slimy and it is 3 inches in height. I have tried to hunt for it, at almost every recess or break during that semester, however I am not successful, the only slimy green little things that I manage to see is the little toad that was jumping around after one early morning shower.

I have come across one interesting blog which has some pictures of UFO and also one interesting web site called UFO evidence. On the right hand side of this site, there is a column called UFO Photographs, click on it there are some amazing UFO photos that I have ever seen. So why wait just clicked on the underline words and off you go to hunt for some flying saucers and green little man.

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