Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter day and Aniston & Brad is divorcing

Happy Easter Day, a day commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am a Buddhist hence I do not actually understand the importance of Easter day, Easter eggs, and bunnies but I would just like to take this opportunity to wish everybody Happy Easter Day. Have fun painting the eggs, kids.

I just flipped through the paper and I saw an article that has its header printed Aniston files divorce papers. They are the golden couple, one “Leng Chai” and one “Leng Niu”. For whatever reason now they might become the most available man and woman on earth. Who can forget the stylish hair of Aniston and of course other interesting parts of the body, hahaha. Of course for the girls, Brad, the well toned body. Well both of them will be legally on the “Singles market”, too bad I am married else…….

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letti said...

hi there. thanks for dropping by. HAppy easter and have a wonderful week ahead!

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