Friday, March 18, 2005

F1 Race in Malaysia Sepang

The F1 Race is back again in Malaysia, the race will be on this coming Sunday. The practice session and qualifying is on today and tomorrow. I am not really keen in F1. I am not sure why but there are some colleague of mine who loves it, like Lee Cheen Siong and some others.

What is so fascinating about cars that are running in average speed of 230 + KM/H? Is it the sound of the engine roar or the F1 Girls? The guys always linked speed and cars with girls. Just look at the auto show, somehow or rather there are girls standing side by side with the cars. What is the common thing between them, Dangerous or Beautiful or the mystery?

Or some would said it’s the way a driver tackle the circuit and the way all crew members work together, for example to ensure a fast pit stop and engine properly tune. Even the diet of the driver will be carefully taken care of. All of this needs a very discipline and highly motivated team.

Last year race in Sepang was won by Michael Schumacher, 2004 was his year. Who will be the winner this time? Will it be Michael Schumacher again who crashes out in round one in the recent Australia circuit?

The next F1 race will be in Bahrain 3rd April.

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