Sunday, March 20, 2005

Time to fullfill a dream - BMW with 7 year interest free offer.

Most of us will always dream of owning a nice and comfortable car. A car that can tell the world that you have “arrives”. Some dream of Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Jaguar, volvo and etc. Now there is good reason for some of us to goes out and fulfills this dream. You do not need to dream anymore. Guys and gals wipe away the saliva and get ready, the day you have waited for has arrived. There is an offer of 7 years interest free on a brand new BMW 3 series by autobavaria. For those who can afford, this is a good time and opportunity to own “The ultimate driving machine”. I hope other car manufacturer or dealer will follow suit with more offers, then I might able to get my dream car.

However for those who likes newer model and can wait then hold on to your horses as a new 3 series is coming. I think the current E46 is on the way out. It will be replace by a new model, if I am not wrong it is E90. I think its look more update and refreshing as compare to the current one. I am not sure when it will reach Malaysia but it has been advertised on BMW USA website BMW USA. This website germancarfans shows some fantastic picture. In the mean time I will continue to dream and let my saliva drops until I strike lottery and own one of this beauties.

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leecs said...

Chee Sum, is time for you to act on it now!!! Your dream car 3 series on sale leh...
I am still waiting for Porsche 911 to give me 50 years interest free installment..嘻嘻

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