Monday, March 14, 2005

Force Of Nature - Concert for Tsunami

A charity concert aim at raising funds for Tsunami-hit countries will be held on March 18 2005 at Putra Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, groups like Black Eyed Peas, Boyz II Men and singer Lauryn Hill will be performing at the concert. There are also local Malaysian artiste like Sheila Majid and others. It caught me by surprise to see black eyed peas performing. Malaysia is quite famous in banning foreign acts. I have not seen much interesting performer in Malaysia, occasionally there are but compare with Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia we are just scratching the surface and its peanut in numbers.

I personally have seen 2 concerts, one is the Osmonds and the other is Bryan Adams. I have listen to music, some lives music CD in the comfort of my own room (with the doors close and lights off) but nothing compares with the feeling someone feels in an actual “Live” show. It brings out the “Wild” side in you. Your leg will starts to shake like Elvis and your hand will wave around like you are asking for help if you are stranded in an island and saw a plane above you.

We are Malaysian and you know lah we are the shy type, even when we sang in the toilet we will make sure our neighbors could not hear it. If you are in a concert and you could see the people around you starts to sing or I should say shouting out the lyrics of the song, you will feel less inhibited and I can guarantee that you will then shout and out shout the guys beside you. You will wave your hand as though your life depends on it. If you have not been to one concert before, go for this one, going for the charity and for the “Feeling” of being “Wild”. After that you can return back home and become the shy Malaysian that most of us are. You will definitely not regret it. Click on

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