Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ini Banyak Mahal Problem

I have finally nailed down the wireless connection problem. It’s due to failure of my notebook in identifying the hidden network ID that I have configured in my wireless modem. Although I have manually entered the network ID like what I did for my sister Compaq and my wife Fujitsu but it does not work for mine. I am not sure why, it could be the OS or my PCI built in wireless chip that is the cause or some Unknown Factor (UNFAC). I have now open up and publish the network ID. So the only security left is the 128 Bit Wep Key.

Now I am able to access the internet wirelessly but it still has a very weak signal that causes it to goes off and on as compare with Fujitsu and Compaq which is stable. I hope I will have some durian runtuh and get rich so that I can change my Ini Banyak Mahal (IBM) to another. (Ini Banyak Mahal, translated in english, this is very expensive) IBM or Lenovo problem or not I guess I will need to live with it for now and like the little ant I will continue to climb and climb....


PaT said...

oooo soohk!

i also use IBM and then back in SG, the wireless signals also very lousy.
why ah.
izzit the centrino thingy cannot recieve as well?

and btw,
nice picture!

SooHK said...

I am not sure, I guess its nothing connected with centrino as my wife fujitsu is working fine. She watches her Thai TV.... online now.. She just sites beside me... thanks for the comment on my picture. It was taken at the back of my house in thailand...

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