Saturday, July 09, 2005

New addition to my blog roll

I have added the following blogs to my blog roll.
**Monica, with her blogs called "Black Olives on my Fingertips."

**SooYW, he is also a "Soo" but there is no blood relation. He is a colleague who is now in Jakarta. "Travel to Jakarta."

**Selba, living in Jakarta, possibly a colleague, still not sure.."My feelings."

Added another 2 bloggers at 3:30 pm ....

**MelorK, .."Addicted to books. Fond of Internet. Manga and anime maniac. Crazy of Handbags. Likes Debates."

**Sara, ..interesting sites...with some great pictures..


Selba said...

Thanks for adding me :)
I also added you in my links.
Yup... I'm also not so sure whether I'm a silverlaker or not, but I did the co's set up from 0 until it's established now, lol

SooHK said...

Selba, you mean PT silverlake..? as long you are under silverlake payroll then you are..hahaha

MelorK said...

Thanx : )

Monica said...

THANKS!!!!!!! You changed your site layout!!!!

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