Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DairyHome @ Khao Yai, Thailand

I went to Khao Yai over last weekend, on the way back we stop by a place call Dairy Home. This place is famous for its organic milk product.

There are two main areas, one side is the dining/restaurant, the others is selling is small items like yoghurt and tidbits.

This is the place selling the tidbits and etc. 

This is the Dining/Restaurant area. As you can see there are a lot of customer especially during lunch/dining time. We waited for 25 minutes or so.  

We ordered the Salmon, portion is a bit small for me, :) 

Pork Chop, food average around 250 baht ++ 

The taste of the food is average normal western food, its not those that you will shout oomph, I need to have it again. 

You could order their ice cream for 60 baht per scoop and you can get to keep their cup. You can see the cup on the shelves below. 

Date of my visit        :   14th January 2012 
Where is this Place  :   Th Mitraphap Muak Lek KM 144, along the way to Bangkok From Khao Yai 
Is there a Website    :   Dairy Home and Facebook Page
Price Range              :   Slightly above average
Type                          :   Dining
Will I go again          :   If I go to Khao Yai again, I will drop by 
Map                           :   Refer below


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