Friday, December 31, 2004

Feelings of celebrating special occasion in another country

I have been in situation whereby I celebrates special occasion like new year, lantern festival, valentine day, birthdays and etc in another country. The feeling of quilt sometimes does crop up, feeling of not being there together with my family and love ones to celebrate these occasions.

The feeling sometimes divides my loyalty to my family and my work commitment. The feeling of accomplishing a projects or dateline compares with the feeling that we could have enjoy and sense such as the laughter of the loved ones.

Both of these result in differrent kind of feeling one is fulfilment and the other joy, or does it result in the same feeling?

What is right and what is wrong? Sometimes is confusing.

I would like to hear comments from you guys.


Willie Wonka said...


Anonymous said...

Soo, after spending more than 7 years in oversea projects, me also getting tired already.
I am planning to get my family to go there with me (for coming few years...)

So you just created this BLOG recently? hmmmm time for me to get one myself :)

Happy New Year !!!!

from LeeCS

Anonymous said...

Hi Soo,

Happy New Year!

Wish you good health and all the best in this coming year ya..

Glad to know about your recent activities..

Take care
Y H Ping

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