Friday, December 31, 2004

Makan Store

One of the reasons we work hard is to have the luxury to treat our family out for good meals.

I have been to some thai restaurant in KL and subang but the best so far it’s the one I try at AMARIN Heavenly Thai Restaurant at second floor megamall. It’s the closest to the one that I have taste in Thailand. It’s near the apple outlet.

Follow the link to get the

Now as I am on rather strict diet, I am looking for an “organic” restaurant. I heard there is one near Taman Tun, somewhere at the back of Wisma WIM. I manage to find the wisma but I have yet to try and find the restaurant, a bit lazy.

Well for those into organic raw material, try to check out this place called Country Farm at Bangsar Village, follow this link

For those who would like to share some good place to makan, do comments. It might make another family happy.

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