Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nine Emperor God Festival 2011 Malaysia and also Thailand

This year I have booked a trip to Phuket, Thailand to witness the Nine Emperor God Festival. As I looked through some of the photos taken by others, I found that the festival there has its unique way compared to Malaysia.

Last year I went to the Ampang temple and I took quite a number of photos like below.

Do click to my Photo Blog to see the rest. I did not manage to attend the fire walking ceremony as I heard that only those with media passes are allowed. I personally believe that this is one event that we should see at least once in our life.  

For details of the events in Ampang you can click at 9emperorgods  and Phuket click at PhuketVegetarian

There are other states in Malaysia which also have this event, example penang, you can click this PDF file from the visit penang web site and Perak you can click here, other states such as Sungai Petani in Kedah and Muar, Johor also do have celebration.

And more write up can be found at wikipedia

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