Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Additions to my blog roll

I have added the following blogs to my blog roll and they belong to the "well known bloggers" in Malaysia.

**Chanlilian, with her blog called "5xmom" and her profile is quite long so just click on it.

**Yvonne Fong, is a freelance writer & patient of Neurofibromatosis, click on to her site and find out more.

**Suanie, with her blog called "As Suanie Sees It" and her short profile "Life and Times of a Malaysian Agnostic Hopeful in KL".

**Minishorts, with her blog called "Rejuvenated".

**Kenny Sia, with his blog called "When routine isn't exactly Normal".

**Peter Tan, with his blog called "The Digital Awakening, living one day at a time" and his short profile. "I am a Roman Catholic Christian Malaysian, born and bred in Penang, late-thirties, suffered spinal cord injury at eighteen, paralysed from chest down and afflicted with chronic kidney failure. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions."


keatix said...

wow, association with the richy and femes huh?? hahaha!

that measn, in directly, i also involve sikit lar? (canto saying = pee also kena abit)

SooHK said...

keatix, no lah there is no association, just linking them up as I do read their its quite interesting...hahaha

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Peter Tan is one of the kind, i really appreciate his thought and mental...much stronger than many of us (well, me!) You can translate your blog into so many languages, that's another "wow" for me :p

Lynne said...

Orh, soohk is gonna abandon us common folks and go mingle with the rich and famous ... :(

PaT said...

waaah hahaha.

why no updates!

SooHK said...

Low, yeap peter tan is one very good example of what human should be. The translation is just a google tools.

Lynne, are they rich? hahaha I actually loves their blog and of course I love yours also.

Pat, backache and my heartburn seems to be coming back. I suspect sitting too long...

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