Saturday, September 10, 2005

The "Seven" Tag

The "7" tag was passed to me by Lynne. Here are my answers to it.

7 Things that Scare Me

1. Could not enjoy the “fruits of my labor”. Although I do not really have a million or millions in my savings but I am afraid that one day I look back to my life all I could see is that I save and save but I do not have the chance to spend it hence I am actually spending a lot nowadays.

2. My IQ drop, again? although I am no Einstein but it’s all I really have. As I grew older it seems my intelligence has decline. I hope it will not drop until I am too dumb to blog.

3. To suffer for a long time before I finally called it a day in this world. I guess this is same as Lynne and a lot of people. The difference is that mine could be reality as I once had cancer and now under remission.

4. Recurring Cancer. I hope I will never hear or see this sentence.

5. No money in my pocket. I will have normally at least Rm200 in my pocket at any one time. Some of my friends they normally have less than Rm50. I guess I am the type that always prepare for “rainy days”.

6. To lose my remaining kidney.

7. To lose my loved one or have a loved one that is sick

7 Things I Like The Most

1. My Family, beside me, sucking in the moment together.

2. With my Think Pad blogging and surfing away.

3. My comfy Bed that allows my tired back to rest and sleep in.

4. My monthly trip to Bangkok, whereby I could enjoy a bit of fun although it is some sort like balik kampung trip to me.

5. My weekend window shopping with my Wife and Sister.

6. Eating a satisfying meal, you know those that after eating although you are full but you feel like wah sei man take another bite would not hurt kind.

7. When I know that I am top of things controlling its path and ending.

7 Important Things In My Room

1. My bolster but I can sleep without it.

2. My Air filter, clean air is not free nowadays.

3. My TV which is actually my “sleeping pill”

4. A glass of water beside my bed just in case I woke up and feel thirsty after nights of saliva dripping.

5. My magazine, like Times and Newsweek.

6. My DVD player, radio and CD player to churn movies and songs to keep my brain busy.

7. My comforter to keep me warm when my wife is not around.

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I am just a middle age man with a beautiful wife, have a medium IQ & EQ, middle level income & live styles.

2. I dislike human who lies to me, human who nags, human who brags and disrespectful to me and my family.

3. I am quite an OK guy who does not mind to follow and also does not mind to lead but I dislike doing presentation to a group of strangers.

4. If I like something that is within my mean and it’s necessary, I will actually try to gets it.

5. I do not mind giving some small amount of money to charity but I am bit lazy and reluctant to spend time in doing some charity work like for example, to walk/run to get some money, to blog for charity, and etc.

6. I could not really sleep soundly at night. This is something that I have been trying to control since when I was 30 years old.

7. I am the type of person who will play with a “new toy or gadgets” non stop for the first month and subsequent month it might be nicely packed and left in the cupboard.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Own an expensive car.

2. Travel around the world with my family.

3. Own a duplex condominium, whereby I could enjoy the space equivalent of a terrace house and the “security” of a condominium.

4. Transfer all my assets i.e money, house, car and etc to my family, i.e wife and sister by having a will.

5. Become a millionaire (liquid only).

6. To stop working and retired with a million dollars (liquid only).

7. To eat the things I really love to.

7 Things I Can Do
1. I look soft but I can “bite”. I could yell at someone in the public if they deserve it. I remember once I almost whack an adult for being rude to my wife. I punched a boy (blog about it before when I was also a boy) for being dishonest, I once scold the person in the check in counter, I once…..

2. I could write a long email or letter if I want to. (my record during my pen pal days is 40 pages).

3. Window shop for 4 hours in a shopping complex.

4. Drive like M.Schumacher, the difference is my car is a 1,600 Cc.

5. Take pictures non stop, especially scenery.

6. I can play badminton quite well. I remember when I was in a badminton tournament and while I was playing a lot of audience were surprise seeing a fat kid playing OK.

7. I could cook for myself. I could not say it will be a good meal but I could actually fry a luncheon meat better than a lot of people.

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Eat my favorite food like KFC, Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak and etc.

2. Play contact sports.

3. To donate my kidney.

4. To nag non-stop and repeat the same thing all over again like someone I knew.

5. To stop defending my innocent.

6. To sing. I have never really sung before not even in a Karaoke. I just mumble, if that counts that I owe you guys one. But I actually could dance, I used to break dance in the open area of my flat with a group of my friends.

7. To stare non stop at a topless or naked women, a glance maybe but not staring.

7 Things I Say The Most

1. “Kanasai” not sure the exact meaning but I think it means, get thrown with shit, hahaha.

2. "Shit".

3. "Tui pui Tui” mandarin word which means correct or not?

4. "Wa lau", same as lynne.

5. "laew" a word I always use at the end of a sentence when I speak thai.

6. “Aiyah” when someone makes a mistake.

7. “I love you” to my wife.

7 Celeb Crushes

1. Vince Clark. The keyboardist, main songs writers of defunct group Yazoo and now he is part of the duo erasure. If those who has seen his days in Yazoo, try imagining me having the same hair style, the difference is that I did an improvise version as I guess Malaysian still could not accept that kind of hairstyle at that time.

2. Dave Gahan. The lead singer of Depeche Mode for his coolness.

3. Chan Pak Keong. The Hong Kong Singer for his tender, soulful rendition of love songs, soft look who suddenly passed away, many years back. I had most of his albums but most is spoilt as it is in tapes.

4. Angelina Jolie. The total package look.

5. Brooke Shields. The naïve and innocent look. I used to write fan mails to her. Her movies Blue lagoon is a classic to me.

6. Nicole Kidman. The classy look that attracts me.

7. Jackie Chan, for his macho image.

7 People Who Will Have To Do This

Nobody to pass to as most blogger has already gotten this tag but anyway..


Lynne said...

You and I are quite similar in many ways, except you are more greedy than I am, I'd settle for millions non-liquid, but you won't!! Hmm, I like Depeche Mode and Erasure too, and to think they are all Vince Clark! So I suppose we have similar taste in music too!

SooHK said...

Lynne, you love vince clark too. I got the yazoo albums. I hope it will fetch some money in the future. They have got 2 albums only. I got all the best of depeche mode CD also, you know the one with the years as the title one. Your million could be in USD mah mine eeh MYR.. so very little only..hahaha

PaT said...

what do you mean by liquid only.. when talking bout being a millionaire?

SooHK said...

Pat, my definition of liquid here is that you could get cash within hours, things like your savings account, Fixed deposit (also) and etc. Asset like house, cars and etc are non liquid as cannot change to cash fast...

keatix said...

emm, i used to listen to erasure and depeche mode too, suede, pretenders etc. coool.

very modest and down to earth.

BUT, 4 outta 7 CRUSHES on guys......emmm, something to ponder about. hehehe. mai tong ai, bok wa la kap.

SooHK said...

Keatix, oh another fans of them... I used to follow fashion and everything in. I don't wear female clothes... hahaha hence 4 of them is guy lor...

PhotoCrazy said...

Maybe you will want to get yourself to better photo and photo equipment.. one place with more than one shot at different angle.. u might get 'what loud eh' result.. hehehe..

leecs said...

kekeke these 2 days NO blog as felt tired....

my 'Seven' from selba still in draft mode...see if can finished by tonight...actually lots of things in mind....

pak soo, ur toys that in cupboard can share ah? kekekekekeke

letti said...

LOL..i think kanasai means like sh*, my brain is too puny for memes.

SooHK said...

photocrazy, I am just a casual photographer, dare not invest much...

LeeCS, too much blogging...hahaha some of my toys is now on the cyber space seeking for buyers... hahaha. My sis uploaded it in some local sites seeking for buyers...hahaha

Letti, you are quite right, I think the kanasai is a hokkien word. Kana is "Kena", and Sai is "shit"

Selba said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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