Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nissan Teana

This is also one of the car that I have been waiting for quite some time, Nissan Teana. It has a shape which I deem update. The dash is very nice and the wood panel on the dash and below the windows is not too woody. Too bad, although it has been introduced for quite some time in thailand but I have yet to see any on Malaysia Road yet.

Maybe I could get one if the newspaper report is true, that every Malaysian is allow to import a car during their life time. This means each of us will have an Approved Permit (AP) to bring in Cars from overseas. Of course there is always a "but" in our society. You need to be in overseas for a certain period of time for a "valid" reason like studies or etc...umm I guess I am not entitle to an AP yet. Or having a foreign spouse entitles me to have one?


KarOnA said...

hey nice blog, but i wanna know hoy did u do hat with the mouse? I mean.. some like a clok?.. dunno! please tellme xd!


SooHK said...

Karona, goes to the left side of my blog. Search for something Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source. Click there and search for mouse trail...

Chan Kok Kuen said...

You have made 2 posting of cars in BKK, I am waiting to see your car in KL, the WXXXXX8.
I guess it may not the Accord but it can be many other choices!

Kill all the suspense and announce your (oops it partly your sis too) new car soon!!

leecs said...

pak soo, teana also very common here in beijing. but the big bro 'fuga' is much nicer!!!! (same class as toyota crown)

yeah loh..where is ur new 'BIG toy'???

AP...hey look like i am entitle to apply for one leh??? too bad, left hand drive come back to malaysia like sochai..

Lynne said...

Special import, does it mean special import tax too?

SooHK said...

Kok Kuen, posted my Wxxxxx8 pictures already. Its the same color as my new vios in Bkk.

LeeCS, Fuga, yeap but I guess it will not be coming to Malaysia so soon.

Lynne, yeap like import and excise duty and etc...AP itself bypass all this tax..

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