Sunday, October 16, 2005


When I was small I used to play with Airplanes modal. Those that need glue to stick each part together. The package will come with a diagram. A diagram which shows how each part is connected to each other. I make quite a number of it but I have no idea where is it now. It could be that it has since got thrown away like other unwanted stuff when we move house.

Yesterday my wife nephew bought a toy which has the same principle that is you need to have the patience to “build” it first before you could enjoy playing it. Actually come to think of it, it’s a good way to build a children character. Nowadays youngster is used to sitting around and just enjoys the fruit of their parent’s labor. They no longer need to "work" for things.

On the Left side is the box and the right side is the instruction on how to assemble each part to finally become a "toy". This particular modal do not needs any glue. The instruction is in English, hence this old man is the most suitable candidate for the "assembly" job.

Above is the tiny parts that I have mention. It took me almost an hour to have it assembled. Below is the end result, the toy and a happy 3 years old kid smiling.


keatix said...

reminds me of air-fix and tamiyas. it is the carrot for good results in our studies..hehee.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I have bought a few Gundam kits for my son. Compare with the one that I have made during my days which ar Airfix and Tamiya, no glue (cement) is required for the new kits.

Selba said...

Great toy :) yup... this kind of toy are good to educate those children.

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