Sunday, August 14, 2005

Clowns in a big circus in a hazy condition

I wanted to stay neutral on this issue and not blog further since my last post on it. However as I read the newspaper that say an old man dies , suspected asthma as the reason. The fire in me starts to lights up, what has this old man done to deserve this, to have his life cut short because of someone decided to “Fart” and pollute the very thing that is free, that do not has a price tag to it. Some might say he is an 83 years old grandfather, he has live a long way. To me that is very sick reason that someone should ever try to mention.

The newspaper stated some guidelines on actions to be taken under Haze emergency. I was sick in the stomach when I read some very basic things that the government should do is part of it, “Ensure information on the pollution index is given to electronic and print media as frequent as possible”, “Urge the media to advise people to always stay indoors as well as on preventive actions they should take”, “Ensure the Information Ministry continually broadcasts the above information” and “Enforce the ban on open burning”. All of this should be done since day one (or years) when the haze appears and not when the API hits above 500. Until today I still scratch my head, what does staying indoors helps. Is the air in the house is differrent from those just outside our window and doors? Does all of us has air cond and air filter in the house? I give the media thumbs up as I think they are the one who pressurize the government into at least to do something about the haze.

I was actually sad to see that initially our government actually has the "humor" to say that the API could not be release to the public as they do not see is necessary as the API is not that high. I was at the center of the city right smack in the petaling street, I could not even see the Maybank building clearly and the government still say is alright, do not be alarm, we are monitoring the situation, we do not want to cause any unnecessary panic as potentially it will impact our tourist industry. I have seen cases of unscrupulous business men that did business in a way that they just reap profit without caring about the side effect like in the case of a lot of slimming pills and herbs, it helps you in getting the “reward” which is a svelte figure but the organs in your body suffer. We would love to live in nations that prosper but we need to have a healthy body to enjoy it.

There is also one "member"of the government who say that he leaves the decision to the school principal to decide if it’s necessary to close the school. He could not be the one deciding it for thousand of schools in the countries. Wouldn’t it be fun if you are following someone tracking halfway in the jungle, when he turns around and tell you, “What the hell are you doing, following me? You should decide your own path, man”. You must be thinking, “What the hell I elect you as a track leader in the first place? Is it for the fun of electing?”.

An interesting piece by Lee Cheen Siong on the topics of lead by example. No wonder I do not feel comfortable when I visit the doctor in Malaysia. I find more comfort and confidence in Thailand medical industry. I love Malaysia as my home, the very place where I would want to die in. I swear by the slogan "Malaysia Boleh" but we cannot live with just a slogan. We should be doing it. I hope the Haze is gone forever....... if not there will be more jokes in the front page of newspaper than the comic strips in the center.


AdieJin said...

Well said brother. I wanted to give my piece as well to those goons in the government but then u have said everything i wanted to say. on Thursday they said the index in KL is 349 + then on Firday 351. But on friday it is much much clearer...I bet they were hiding the real index in KL for thursday. They always think we people are so bloody stupid like them. Hehe..soorylah,,so and angry oredy.

leecs said...

good one, pak soo.

bUT where is your PART III? kekeke dont tell me at the end nothing happened kekekekeke

SooHK said...

Adiejin, its ok to be angry when your own well being is threaten....

LeeCS, Part III just posted... nothing much happen... hahaha

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