Friday, November 04, 2005

Butterfly Park KL

I was at the Butterfly Park KL today. I am not sure why we decided to go there. Maybe I wanted to take some photos of graceful and intriguing butterflies. All the while the only butterfly I frequently see is those that we Chinese think or treat as transformed from our dead ancestor, which is dark and greyish in colour.

I have heard that there are hundreds of species out there. I have been to one such park in Hong Kong but I could not find any photos which is good enough to be posted on my photo blog. So I felt the urge to see something different, something colourful that I hope could be capture nicely on film.

So after lunch, my sister, my wife and I head out to find the place. I have tried searching the internet for its location but I could not find any that is informative enough. However I do remember that it is supposed to be near Bird Park KL which is situated near Lake Garden. As we are near the entrance of the Lake Garden, there were signages which is clear enough directing us to the location. It is somewhere near Bukit Aman police station.

Below are some photos that I managed to take. I will be posting a much higher resolution and of course more photos in my photoblog.

The entrance fees are Rm5 per adult and it seems there is a different pricing structure for foreigners. If I am not mistaken its Rm15. And do remember to keep your camera in your pocket or hidden as they charge Rm1 for it and if you are bringing in a video camera, they will charge you Rm4. I am not sure why and who is the idiot that think of such charges. Maybe the idiot have been colouring and applying make up to the butterflies hence the additional charges.

The above is one of many interesting and colouful butterflies in the park. Just look at the blue and orange colours that decorated its wings.

One of the friendly ones. I could feel that its sucking my hands. I guess my hand is too sweet to resists...hahaha

There is also a fish pond, the fish is quite big.

There is also a turtle pond. I used to have a turtle as a pet.

And of course there are a lot of beautiful flowers around to feed the butterflies.


Lynne said...

Have you been sucked dry yet? Hehehehe

SooHK said...

Lynne, need to put more moisturizer today already...hahaha

-ms jumbled mind- said...

turtles sunbathing! How cool! Good pictures by the way!

AdieJin said...

the farts are saving for a video charge the visitors and save enough money to buy one..Idiots those are..anyway, u arae cheeky enough not to pay..hehehe..and nice photos u managed there.

shiaulin said...

nice pic.. anyway, that place recommendable to bring along children anot?

SooHK said...

Jumbled Mind, yeap they are sunbathing in the nude...hahaha

Adiejin, I pay for it as I do not know until she ask me. My hand were already on the counter with my photo...hahaha

Shiaulin, I think it should be ok with Kids. For sure there is no Mosquito. There is a place to sit. That where the butterfly came and suck my hand.

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