Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pole Dancer and LollyPop Licker

I am a frequent user of LRT and I have encountered some strange and weird characters while on them. Normally I will take the train during peak hours and hence I will normally use the pole that was strategically located in the train to stabilise myself. There is this morning when I walked into the train I saw a nicely dressed lady. I say nicely dressed because she has a black coat on and a big brief case. I guess she is a lawyer as the route that I used, stops at Masjid Jamek, that is where the high court is. She was already “holding” the pole. Her whole body was actually touching it, her arms is like curling around it as though it was her boyfriend arm and with such force that it looks to me she is afraid that the pole is going somewhere else. From far, it looks like she is caressing the pole and her legs seems to be curling around the pole, anchoring it. Wah Sei Man, the only thing I can do is to put my hand towards the door to stabilise myself. I guess she might be a pole dancer in her last life.

There is another incidence which I saw in one of my trip to KLCC during lunch time. As I walked into the train it was quite empty and the pole is free from the usual pole dancer. So I put my right hand on it, grabbing it with enough strength to ensure that I will have a steady ride and I position my body 2 feet away from it to give way for other user who wants to share my pole. “Ting”, the door opens up and more user walks in. There is this lady, quite plump and a gentleman, I guess is her boy boy who walks in and have those looks that say, we cannot wait to go somewhere quiet and ahem ahem….

She looks around and saw that the pole which I was holding was quite “free”. She leans her back on it just below my hand. Her boyfriend stands opposite her. They continue to chit chat, whispering and giggling as though the whole train belongs to them. It’s fine to me but when she starts to move up and down the pole using it as a back massager or a way to scratch her back or it’s like a tongue licking a lollypop, that ignores me. And that’s where her back “crunch” my hand, I immediately let out a scream “Aiyo, Excuse Me!”. The girl looked at me and looks at her boy boy as though I am the one who “molest her”. I looked back at them with my Steve Austin look that says "Do you want some 3:16?". That seems to work as she stops her lollypop licking act. When I walked out from the train, I think they are the happiest couple in the train as finally they have the “Sweet Lollypop” all by themselves.


Lynne said...

Haha, this is funny, we get a lot of that back in Singapore's MRT too. Some people love that pole so much that sometimes I wanted to tell them, "Shall I ask SMRT to saw it down for you so that you can take it home?"

SooHK said...

Lynne, hahaha very good jokes also..hahaha

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