Sunday, November 06, 2005


A quick update, today my sister, my wife and I went to PutraJaya. At 1:30 pm we make our way out of KL, the weather was pretty good, nice, sunny and good for outdoor photography. As we make our way into the highway the sky turns dark and gloomy. Once we were near Puchong area, the rain starts and it’s practically raining cats and dogs. All the cars on the highway slow down to a slow 50 km/h. We almost decided to turn around and head back to our cocoon but I guess the anticipation of visiting this proud city of Malaysia push us forward.

Below are 2 photos, most of the photos have a gloomy background to it. I will follow up by a detail post later.

The Administrative building.

The new millennium tower.


leecs said...

hmmm long time didnt go there to have photos liao...

not sure next trip back got time or not :)

Selba said...

Wow.... the administrative bldg. looks so amazing...

Jaxon S said... feels strange being surrounded by comment spammers. but nice pix... an very aggressive angling with the millenium tower..

SooHK said...

LeeCS, sure got time if you make a time slot for it. Maybe go there for a picnic.

Selba, it looks nice and grand.

Jaxon, the weather is quite bad, it was drizzling.

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