Thursday, November 09, 2006

Birrarung Marr Melbourne

Birrarung Marr. is a small park but I believe is one of the newer one around in Melbourne. It is near the junction of Flinders Street and Spring Street. You will need to walk across a flyover that connects Flinders Street and Exhibition Street.

There are a few attractions; most likely Federation bell will be your first stop. It is consists of 39 bells which will ring 3 times a day. Refer to the link above for more information.

And the next is Angel a three legged and 10 meter high sculpture. Click on to the picture you will find a another picture of Angel.

The next attraction is Doryanthes excelsa, its a native plant of australia.

Crushed Shell path, its just a small path leading across the park.


leecs said...

hmmmmm is best if u can upload ur photo to google earth community...

SooHK said...

Leecs, Scratching head...what is that?

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