Sunday, November 12, 2006

Golden Dragon Hill Temple

Today I was at a temple called Golden Dragon Hill in Rawang. This is where my mom and dad ashes are placed. This temple has grown from just a tiny shack into concrete walls and tiles. My dad has once help to clear the bushes and helps out during the construction and expansion. Today it has even a hostel for monk and nuns. Below is my pictorial journey this morning which ended at 1 Utama.

The corner of the temple and the place where all the joss stick will be put and "wish" request to the god.

The main hall of the temple.

The lovely door that is in the main hall.

The beautiful flowers in the temple and below is pictures from 1 Utama

The concrete jungle.

Fish at the concrete jungle


k.t.x said...

pii soo kap.

wah, u really into flora huh? hehehe. lol. great fotografi anyway.

SooHK said...

Keatix, hahaha, I just snap whatever things is colorful...

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