Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Penguin Parade at Phillip Island Melbourne

What is the main attraction in Phillip Island? Most of us who have went there will definitely shout Penguin Parade, tiny little creature, waddle slowly in group returning to shore at dusk after a long day of hunting in the ocean. They actually wait until its dark enough with their dark colour “coat” that act as a perfect camouflage. This gives them the “stealth” capability to avoid being seen by their predator. You could see them slowly emerging from the waves and slowly making their way converging in small little groups. There are times they will turn back if they hear or see anything that could harm them. This is the reason that no cameras or video camera is allowed to be used to capture or to film them. Umm do you think a rebel like me follows rule, wink wink..hahaha

I also manage to capture some pictures of one of them who stay back, most likely a female at the Nobbies, I believe this is legal, hahaha. We were told those who did the hunting were male hence naturally female stays back at the nest. Oh and one interesting thing, I notice when the little penguin making their way up the hill, you could hear noises made by the female calling out to their males, directing them and I did see some immediately mate along the way, hahaha I guess cannot tahan…

And a video of the little penguin at the nobbies and you could see at the end of it I was preparing to take those pictures above.
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