Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sovereign Hill Melbourne

Sovereign Hill is a place that you will make you feel that you are in the olden days in Australia, somewhere around 1850’s. The houses, people and even the animal was all properly done and dressed up. I believe even the things sold there were similar to that era. Don’t believe, below is some pictures for you to see.
A photo of me outside of Sovereign Hill and on the right is a statue outside the gold museum.

Old Soldiers patrolling the area and Methodist Church.

Sights of the transportation system.

Cowboy hat for sell.

Red Hill Mining.

Me at the cinema ticket booth.

Three Women enjoying themselves.


Bowling Alley.

Some old photos.


dreaming-neko said...

like traveling through time...

letti said...

hey, very nice. love the pics!

SooHK said...

Dreaming Neko and letti, yeah can walk and feel it. You can even smell as the horse dung is everwhere hahaha..The road is also muddy. Quite a nice place...

Monica said...

WOW did you buy a hat?

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