Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Great Ocean Road Part 5 @ Port Campbell and London Bridge, Melbourne

This is the last post on Great Ocean Road. We spend our tea break at Port Campbell town. When I walked into an eatery all I saw is fish and chips, chicken sandwich and etc So I told my wife that I will spend my time walking outside looking for some photo opportunity while she wait for her tea break of chicken sandwich. Below are some of the photos I got.

As I was walking further I saw this lady fishing. The water was quite rough, wave after wave it pounds the bank.

This is the view looking into the town.

A view on my way back, a sight of a loving couple.

The next stop is London bridge.

After the stop at London Bridge we make our way back to city center, it was quite a tiring day as the schedule was quite pack and is a long drive. We spend most of the time on the road. I believe the best way to enjoy the Great Ocean Road is to travel and stay overnight at hotel or guest house along the way. That will enable you to stop anytime along the road and take photos of this beautiful coast line of Australia.


dreaming-neko said...

the nature there is magical :)

SooHK said...

dreaming neko, yeap is quite nice...

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