Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cooks' Cottage @ Fitzroy Garden Melbourne

One of the main attractions is Captain Cook’s cottage. I believe the authority have weigh the historical significant of it and charges 4 AUD per adult. I was quite disappointed though as there is nothing much things to see to justify the cost. Anyway we paid for it and below it some pictures of the rooms inside it. There are 2 floors. The first floor is the dining and second floor is the sleeping quarters and study rooms.

The above is the exterior of it and it was quite well kept, all the bushes was well trimmed.

This is the first floor, which I believe is the dining place.

This is the second floor. You could see books, clothes scatter around and surprisingly plates that have Chinese design.

And Captain Cook himself keeping an eye on the place. And below is his ship….docking at port Philip……


Selba said...

Oh.. Captain Cook's house!!! if the 4 AUD is converted to rupiah, that's so expensive just to see that 2 floors house. :)

Selba said...

hey... just saw your new profile picture!!! A very cute sweet smile on your face!!!
Must be taken during your trip to Melbourne, right? I can tell that you really had a great time there :D

Wuching said...

heh! i've never been inside so glad that u've shown me so i dun ever have to go inside! but i think the reason they have chinese design plates is that during those days, they were mad for china plates & cutlery from china so every household who have them are rich people! :P

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