Saturday, November 18, 2006

Great Ocean Road Part 2 @ Melbourne

After moving away from the historical sign board of Great Ocean Road, we were off, twisting and turning on the road again. It was quite a curvy road and the bus is a big bus. As I was enjoying the scenery, I notice my wife was closing her eyes. The motion sickness has gotten her. She was trying hard to keep the billy tea down. Luckily nothing comes out as we slowly make our way to Apollo Bay for our lunch.

We ate hokkien mee, refer to my post on food in Melbourne. I think it taste like Japanese Mee more as it is sweet. I guess Aussies has never tried the true hokkien mee. After lunch we went searching for motion sickness pill and of course along the way some photos….

And a video showing the ocean and beach along the road.

What is the main attraction along Great Ocean Road? There are a lot and of course its scenic coast line and the main attraction should be 12 Apostles at Port Campbell National Park.

Will continue in Part 3

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