Saturday, February 05, 2005

After prayers you do not need the monk anymore

I have just touched down and have reached the apartment in Thailand safely. Before lifting off from Malaysian soil it seems there is a changed of gates. I did not really hear any announcement but I could see the passengers around the gates start to move further up to another gate. As usual I was sitting slightly further as I do not want to stand among the eager crowd which I think consists a lot of first time and excited visitor to Bangkok.

I took Air Asia to save some money. I have the feeling the way Air Asia is treated in KLIA prompt the recent move by Air Asia to request to operate in subang Airport (the old airport before KLIA). As there is no announcement on the sudden change of gates which cause confusion to the passenger. Luckily I am a bit season traveler if not sure miss the flight.

The new gates also shares with another Air Asia flight which is quite confusing as you could see a lot of passengers line up but it might not be your flight. I ended up being the last passengers; I guess this is the first for me. Most of the time I will not be the last, I will always in the middle. The reason that I am the last is that even inside the gates just before going into the plane, it was shared with another flight. There are a lot of passengers sitting around but it’s for another flight. Confusing?!! Ya! As I thought I could not be the last as there are around 40 more passengers sitting around.

I saw an interview yesterday with the ex MAS president. Most of us remember that there are some issues a few years back whereby certain airlines actually pull out from KLIA, airlines like British Airways and etc. The reason is that normally for airlines to fly into an airport there is always an indicator to show that the airport is good and it’s viable and feasible for the airlines to do so. One of the indicators is the number of passengers per year that landed in the airport. It seems KLIA does not have the numbers hence the offers of free parking and other freebies to attract airlines to use it. Air Asia actually helps KLIA to boost up the figure but it seems KLIA is like in Chinese saying “After prayers you do not need the monk anymore”.

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