Friday, February 18, 2005

Four important things-For Married Woman

I am not sure if it’s a coincidence but this show which is shown in ASTRO Wah Lah Toi called Driving power (starring Adam Cheng) also has four important things but it’s for married woman to trap their husband for extra marital affairs and “illegal” activities. Below is the four.

1. White Shirts, ensure that your husband wear it daily. White as a background is good to detect other foreign color. Example lipstick that was accidentally left on the collar by anxious admirer of your husband which lean too closely.
2. Smell, make sure that you and your husband wears only one type of perfume. If you could smell a different type then it means that there is third person. Whether it’s a woman or guy (if your husband is a gay, hahaha).
3. Chat, ask question and stares into his eyes. When people lies there is always a certain twitch or different eyes reaction.
4. A piece of paper in the knot of the tie, if the piece of paper is missing it means the husband has actually taken off his tie and maybe his shirt for some immoral or illegal activities.

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