Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chap Goh Mei, Weather Outlook for the day, scatter shower of Oranges

After 15 days of CNY celebration, it has reaches the last day of CNY celebration which is Chap Goh Mei which literally means “15th night” in hokkien and technically the last day for the ang pow to come or to be given out. It is also a day know as Chinese Valetine Day.

History said it was a day whereby the fairer sex or the girls will throw mandarin oranges into rivers or sea hoping that it will find Mr. Right. If a boy manage to get the oranges then the boy is destine to marry the thrower of the oranges. I am not sure how, but I imagine that the girls will write something like “I am a 5 feet 6, long legged, brown eyes, beautiful girl, find me in….”. I am not sure will they put their photo on it or not, hahaha.

Maybe now with the new technology age, it will read something like ICQ me at Or MSN me at Or Email me at. The more resourceful girls will of course buy loads and loads oranges. There could be also some smart marketing guy that will actually give the oranges for free but with some advertisement stick on top and bottom. Or some businessmen will actually wait over the night and gather all the oranges and make fresh juice out of it and sell it in the market the next day. But for guys who are desperate do goes out and buy a big net.

But I guess this tradition is no longer follow. Maybe nowadays instead of throwing oranges, maybe spam is sent over the net hoping to reach its destine Mr. Right. So please do retrieve the mail more frequently today…..

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