Sunday, February 20, 2005

Human Safety Against Economic Sense

This morning I woke up a bit early, I was a bit tired, I am not sure why. Maybe it’s the electric disruption that happens yesterday night. I woke up in the middle of the night, god knows what time and I feel my body was burning. It was strange, “Am I right in the middle of fire of hell or what”, after briefly adjusting to the surroundings, I realize I was not, thank god, I am in my own room still snuggling beneath the comforter. I look up to the ceiling; there it was the air cond without its green indicator which will normally lighten up if it’s on.

I quickly reach for the remote which will normally beside the bed. I use my finger to feel the button. The ON button is on the top right hand corner, I pressed it, umm the familiar cooling air was blowing again and the green indicator is shinning and lightens up again.

That is the reason why I manage to catch this shows on the National Geographic Channel early Sunday Morning. As I will normally lie on the bed until my wife awakes, flipping the normal boring National channel in my room TV, only my outside TV has Astro installed. It could have been disruption at night that causes my sleep pattern to be changed.

It was showing the Air Crash Investigation of United Airlines Flight 811 in Feb 1989. It was showing the recreation of the exact event that led to death of nine passengers that was sulk into the open cold air due to a gaping hole which was tore open due to a faulty door. There are some reports which could set the mind running wild, first is one of the mothers of the dead passengers who suddenly awoke at night and saw her son standing beside her bed. She thought she was dreaming although she felt it was very real. She was told about the crash earlier in the morning and her son classify as disappeared in the afternoon.

Actually the most disturbing news to me is that it seems there was knowledge of the faulty mechanism of the door of that particular plane model for sometime and there was a dateline of I am not sure if I remember it correctly 13 months to have it fixed. After the incidence it was cut down to days. It seems the original date line was set due to the economic factor, the millions of dollars that will be loss if all the plane of that particular model is grounded for sudden maintenance, hence the dateline in months which means there is enough time for the plane to be fixed under the yearly routine maintenance.

It was originally classified as mishandling of the plane by ground staff, until the mother (who dream or saw her son on the night of the crash) and the father independently pursues and investigates the incident. I am not sure why does businessman thinks the life of humans is less than the millions dollars. I guess they hope everything will be sweep under the carpet, overlook and nobody will care and they will get away with it. Are there any other products out there that we use daily that have defects that we do not know? Cars, trains, cooking pot, TV, washing machine, foods and etc.

Link to the Air Crash,

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