Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Chinese New Year (CNY), card and firework war

GongXi, GongXi, Happy CNY to all, this year is Rooster year, to be exact Wood Rooster. I hope this year will bring all the happiness, joy, wealth and the best of health to all and also the earth. I am actually still in centre point apartment (Bangkok), I might just go out and window shop a bit. Initially I might plan to go to china town but I think they will be a sea of people although today is not a public holiday in Thailand.

Normally what interest the Chinese during the start of the year is to look at their horoscope to check what is in store for them in the year. I am actually a fire goat, refer to this site for some details, do find out first which "animal" you are before you click .

Normally what we did or forbid in the first day, is that there should be no sweeping of the floor, no quarrelling, no killings of animal and etc. We will normally goes to the temple to pray to the ancestor and normally we do not visit relatives on the first day, we will go on subsequent days. Of course we will gamble a bit among the immediate family. My sister will normally wear a yellow or red or bright colour shirts as Chinese believe this will bring luck and hopefully will win all the money. We will normally play black jack, ummm this reminds me of my father again as he normally will be the banker. Sigh!

When I am in my early teens I will look forward to night time, as we will have our fireworks war. We used to stay in a flat and there is a playground below. The playground got a lot of apparatus like the swing, slides and other block of concrete. We used this as a divider, like dividing ourselves into territory and countries. So normally we will buy a lot of fireworks as once the firework is finished we will be at the mercy of our enemies and it will be the end of the war and thats where the fun stops. The fireworks that shoot like cannon will be most sought after artillery as it’s able to penetrate deep into enemy compound. Back then the government has yet to ban fireworks, I think it might be our “war” stories that spread to the ear of the government that prompt them to ban it, hahaha. Just joking………..

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