Friday, February 04, 2005

Off Thailand again

I will be off to Thailand again tomorrow lunch. Why? Thailand has been like a second home to me. My sister will be still in Malaysia. I have asked her to follow me but she shrugs her shoulder and said no. I guess after a while if you do not have a target or purpose, Thailand will be the same old Thailand, especially in Bangkok. As Bangkok is more like a shopping haven.

Malaysian ladies will swear to that as their favorite items is the underwear. The brand Wacoal is the brand they chase after as the price here in Malaysia is almost double. However recently I do notice that the prices have catch up to Malaysia prices. Well another items that they do look for is the leather goods especially Guy Laroche handbag, again it’s almost double the price. In my last trip my sister asked me to buy one for her. The price is around Malaysia ringgit 200 differences. As for me my interest is the lollypop. I think only 1 or 2 people will know what I mean, hahaha.

Tentatively I will be back to Malaysia next Friday which is 11th February 2005. The week before the “Day” for lovers that is Valentine days. I think I will continue to post some things in Thailand as my wife will not be taking leave. In Thailand they do not celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY). As Chinese is a minority, hence there is no holidays. Normally the Chinese there is of teochew clan. They will normally take leave on CNY eve as they will offer food to the Buddha and pray.

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