Saturday, February 19, 2005

Earthquakes in Taiwan and parts of Sulawesi

There is a 5.9-magnitude quake which was centered under the ocean about 37 kilometers (23 miles) northeast of the town of Chengkung in Taiwan. The same area was hit with a 4.8-magnitude last week.

There is also a 6.9-magnitude quake which was centered beneath the Flores Sea, about 70 kilometers (40 miles) west of the town of Bau Bau in southeast Sulawesi.

There are more quakes, storms, floods and other natural disaster reported in the newspaper nowadays. I am not sure is it because we are more sensitive to this kind of news after Dec 26 tsunami or it’s a signal of more things to come? I saw the movie “The day after tomorrow”, it’s our earth heading that way? After years of torture and poison fed by us, has it started to repay us back slowly and gradually by leashing quake after quakes, storms after storms and etc. The weather is hotter here in Malaysia than I remember when I was young. I think a lot of other countries are also experiencing colder winter.

Maybe Dec 26 it’s just a “Stomachache” which will then follow “diarrhea” and “farting” which is flood and storm. So finally it will become feverish (intense and accelerated global warming). If it’s a human the doctor might diagnose it as food poisoning and it can be easily cure. I hope we have a “doctor” for the earth. Click to and of course

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