Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Miror mirror on the wall

I just read an article on Star newspaper yesterday; it said that a Malaysian admitted and dies in Singapore Gleneagles Hospital after he has a Liver transplant done in a Malaysia Hospital. So there is this minister said this person should have done this operation in so and so hospital. He says that this hospital has done a few successful liver operation but they do not actually publicize it.

However I am looking at the other angle. Actually all doctor or surgeon or specialist, when they are in practice they should have the sufficient knowledge or experience to perform whatever task needed. They should have done their practical during their studies or residency in a hospital. How does a patient knows who is the best doctor to goes to? Do they need to find out by giving their life to them first? It sounds ridiculous isn’t it?

By right they should have sufficient skills to deliver what is required. I think the minister that spoke out does not really think first. I compare to driving, in general circumstances, a “just passed” driver and an experience driver, if they are going from point A to B, the “just passed driver” might reach point B slower than experience driver. Now we are saying this “just passed” driver crash and the car is a total wreck.

I personally do not have much faith in doctors, I have experience certain incident that left my mouth wide open in disbelief. I hope I do not need to gives my life first to find out. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the best of all ...

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