Thursday, February 10, 2005

BKK World trade Snapshots

My wife took a day off yesterday as it was CNY first day. We went to World trade Center. We stop at the Siam BTS (train) station and walk there. Along the way there is a new office building called Central World. Outside there is a pond which is filled with water and looks like no edge, so photo opportunity.

We walk inside the world trade and looks at some camera, shirts, books and etc. I am interested in the Sony T33, it cost only 16999 baht which is arount 200 rm cheaper. Its a 5 megapixel camera. I am now researching and comparing the picture against DigitalI XUS 430 . Outside of Zen department, there is a floating dragon.

There is a new "Teen park" open inside world trade. It’s like a library whereby there are a lot of free magazine and if you are a member you are allowed to access the net for free. There is also a snack bar and of course it’s not free. There is an interesting “shelf” like structure that allows the kid to climb up and read the books. Outside the park also there is an “AV” bed, on top of its TV.

I think the thai is more creative and up to date than Malaysia, they adopt to new technology faster. Those who has been in Bangkok, you could have seen some good shops like propaganda. Its a shop that sells gifts and home decorative items. It has been opened since 1996 and just recently I have seen such shops in Malaysia.

I was also at the MK restaurant in silom complex eating lunch with 2 friends. The restaurant only serves steamboat and it has been certify by the health ministry that the food does not consists any MSG and the vegetable is safe to consume. Inside I realize that the order is taken using a PDA and is transmitted wirelessly to the kitchen. I first saw these 5 years ago in Switzerland pizza hut and it has an output that print out your orders. I have not seen this in Malaysia yet, I am not sure about other Asian countries.

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