Thursday, February 10, 2005

Prince Charles to wed Camilla

After almost 8 years Princess Diana has left us, Prince Charles has finally going to remarried again, to Camilla, its going to be in April this year. I remember I was in Pattaya vacationing when Princess Diana was involved in the accident. I was in disbelief. How does a person so kind (in my view) die so young? It was the most interesting piece of news in 1997. It was follow with a lot far flung conspiracy theory. Who can forget the song candle in the wind, the live telecast of the funeral, the casket moving slowly accompany by her sons.

Everybody thoughts are mainly on what does prince charles sees in Camilla. Princess Diana was so beautiful compare with Camilla. This is the first thoughts that come across most of us. Actually I always like to said, each family has each own story. There could be a lot of things that we do not know; I guess only Princess Diana and Prince Charles will know. There are a lot of books on the life of Princess Diana, the affairs and the sad story. I guess Prince Charles has just closed the Princess Diana Chapter in his diary and open a new one with Camilla.

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