Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mouse Trail Clock and sell fish

My colleague posts a comment and asks how to get the cute clock that follows the cursor. It is a Java Script that is free and available over the net. That is one of the things that is good in the net is that some good people loves to share their work with others. I think that is a good point in some of us as there are people who just love to keep everything only to themselves.

During my early years in work, we have a phrase that I love to call for this kinda of people, I always said they like to “Sell Fish”, it’s actually meant to be selfish. So when I think that’s someone is doing it I will tell them, wow you like to “Sell Fish” but I do not buy it.

Well maybe one of these days I will post something on the act of “Sell Fish”, in the mean time, I will recharge "my battery" as today is a holiday. It is Federal Territory day, it is only enjoy in 3 places in Malaysia i.e. Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and putrajaya.

I salute to those ladies and gentlemen that actually share their codes with the general public and allows some of us to feel happy in seeing it running in their blog sites. So here is the link. http://javascript.internet.com/clocks/mouse-trail-clock.html

You could also look at the other interesting codes that was post there, you could just goes back to the "home" in the site which is as below.

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