Thursday, February 17, 2005

Four Important things-for single kidney person

Yesterday I went to see a Kidney specialist which they called nephrology (study of the function and disorders of the kidney). What prompt me to do so? I still feel discomfort and burning sensation on my back, right hand side around (my only remaining) Kidney area occasionally. And also the breathing difficulties episodes I encountered recently. As I heard in rare cases of Kidney disorder it could actually result in breathless (I have), itchy (I have) and sleeping difficulty (I have). So out of concern I went and see this Kidney Specialist which was highly recommended by my cousin and also one colleague of mine. My objective is to at least kill off another possibility and concentrate on one which is for my case possible recurring or secondary cancer, hahaha.

The appointment was schedule for 3:15 pm, I took off a bit early from my house as I anticipated at least some minor traffic along the way but it seems the road was quite clear. It’s not clear as a ghost town but it’s smooth. I reach earlier than anticipated, which is before 3 pm. I was sitting in the reception area and I could see on the other corner is the dialysis center. There is an old man probably in his 60’s waiting for his turn on the dialysis machine. I could see he look healthy although he was carrying a cane to help him walk. His tan face and his body structure still showed some muscle tone.

Oh, it looks like it’s already my turn, “Mr Soo”, I heard it loud and clear, “Yes” I reply back. Inside the room it was not what I expected as compare with my urologist. It has more “homely” feel except for the bed on the right and a fax machine at the back of the table where the doctor sits which indicate other wise. After a long chat, about my medical history and bla bla, he starts to check my blood pressure, and then request me to lie on the bed for a physical; he feels my foot, ankle, thigh and my eyes. He then said “Your right legs looks boggy, I expect it to be on the left”, huh! What the hell does boggy means, which was my immediate reaction floating in my brain. It seems boggy means watery. Ummm…. Anyway lets skip to the most four important things for a person with a single kidney.

1. Protein, to avoid bad protein from beans. It is a no no, protein from fish and poultry should be fine as this helps in the healing process like an open wound and etc. but not from bean.
Salt, to reduce the intake, should cut by half but do not totally stop taking it.
Medications, when it is prescribed, do check with the doctor concern if it will be harmful to the kidney.
Monitor the function kidney frequently by doing half yearly checkup for example on the protein in the urine and etc.

His diagnosis is that my remaining kidney looks ok to him at least at this moment. His only concern is on the burning sensation which could possibly meant a secondary or recurrence however the checkup or scan so far shown negative 2 months ago. I was advice to visit him in 3 months time to have my “urine” tested for protein.

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