Thursday, February 03, 2005

Grease Lightning and 70's shows

Yesterday I saw the TV showing “Grease”, well this is a classic show to me. It depicts what is “Cool” about, of course without forgetting the “Curry Puff” hair styles, the leather jacket, the thunder bird and etc. I did not finish the show; I close the TV after John Travolta or “Danny Zuko” in the movie sang the song Sandy. That brings back some memories. I was in my early teens when I saw it in the cinema and of course after that I always dream of being “Danny Zuko”, the cool one or at least the cool fat one. The one with the eyes that can melt an iceberg and can make a bird fly down from a tree, hahaha. That is the reason my eyes is small now as the birds like to hammer at my eyes. Ouch!

I remember there is also a TV show called Happy Days ( The Famous Fonzie starred by Henry Winkler, I guess I pass my teens by seeing this kinda of show. That is the reason I am “cool” as got a lot of role model that I can follow.

Another unforgettable group or TV series is of course “Sha Na Na” ( Umm maybe tonight I can dream back those happy moments of the 70’s, those incredible hair style and let’s bring out the comb from the back pocket and salute to Danny Zuko and Fonzies. I think I will cover my eyes with the pillow for protection........

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