Monday, February 07, 2005

Leuk Tang

Leuk Tang means voting in Thailand. Yesterday is Thailand Election Day; I was back at my wife hometown. In Thailand the parties are represented by number. The thai rak thai party who is favorite to win is number 9 which is an auspicious number to thai like 8 to Chinese.

On the way to my wife hometown I could see polling station was almost in every corners of the street, it’s a temporary setup with clothes to cover the voting place. I followed my wife to the polling station. The law stated that all voters or supporters are not allowed to show any sign or numbers of the parties during Election Day, even shirt with numbers, for example number 9. My wife polling station is in a school. It was less than five minutes drive from my in-laws house. We need to walk across a bridge over a canal. An interesting bridge which also serves as a drive way for motorcycle.

Once reached the polling station you will need to check your name in a list posted on the bulletin board. In the bulletin board was also pasted with the canditate of the area.

As of this morning it looks like Thai Rak Thai is going to swept at least 350 Parliamentary seats out of 500. Its going down in the thai history as it is the first time that "a single party rules" which it’s surprising to some as with all the havoc, problem in the southern thai, Thai Rak Thai still manage a very “Big” win. I guess it’s the decisiveness of Thaksin that won the day.

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