Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine Day and just do it

Tomorrow will be one of the most commercialize day in human history, it is valentine day. I guess it’s the day lovers exchange gifts or secret admirer declaring their love or family members showing appreciation to each other. I once read that valentine day is an event and idea “hype” up and created by businessmen who would like to finish off their unwanted stocks that have been pilling up in their warehouse.

I am not sure do we really need to wait until a day to do things that we suppose to do every now and then. I remember during the teens it is a day that most of us waited. I do not remember sending any valentine gifts during school days as my school consists of majority of boys. My school is Methodist Boys School of Kuala Lumpur. The still fresh view of the wooden chairs and tables and also the marking that was done by some of the “ex-owner” that declare their love to a Miss X or Y by craving it on top of the table.

However we do have girls in form six, so just imagine the situation in a school that consists of a bunch of hormone imbalance teenage school boys and only a handful of pretty young things. Although there are some that is not so physically attractive but as the saying goes, all flowers will have certain type of bees or insects that are attracted to it; it’s the law of the nature. So on valentine day you could actually feel the girls is unlike their normal self, I guess they might have spend some extra minutes in the early valentine morning to make themselves more beautiful with the anticipation of some pimple face school boys declaring their love. They smell differently, their face glows more or maybe it’s the sunlight that is playing tricks on my eyes. During recess its where all the fun starts, you could hear giggling from the girls after receiving the gifts and you could also hear the cry of rejection from some of the boys.

How best to show one loves? Buying a bunch of rose or teddy bear for her to compare and remind her of you. I got a close friend that actually bought roses a week ahead. He will keep it in the fridge to prolong its life. Some will take this opportunity to propose to their lovers, girlfriend and boyfriends. I remember I bought some flowers for my girlfriend (now my wife) at the shop opposite of the bank we used to work; it was quite an experience as actually certain flower has certain meanings, so we do not want to buy something that means for funeral, hahaha. As I walk into the shop I remember my mind was filled with question like, it means the relationship has move to another level, am I ready for it? As I treat buying flowers as declaration of love and not some daily routine like having lunch. What if she feed it to dustbin and what if she gives to some else, does that means she is not ready to move to another level or she just treats me as just another human with a dick that chase after everything that wears skirt.

Well I have passed that stage; we have been married for 7 years. I guess today there are a lot of young gentlemen still has the same feeling, shall or shall I not declare my love? Well I have 3 words for you, Just Do It!


Anonymous said...

It is a good feeling reading all your postings.. says a lot about you..and your courage..

Wish you and your wife happiness forever..

Hooi Ping

SooHK said...

Thanks a lot Hooi Ping, glad to have friends like you who are always around giving encouragement and support.

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